A real estate agent is a licensed professional who helps people buy, sell or rent

homes and properties. A good one will know the local market like the back of their

hand and be able to provide valuable insight on everything from home prices in a

neighborhood to what upgrades might increase the value of your home. A real

estate agent will also be a guiding force to help you navigate the process from start

to finish.

The first thing a good real estate agent will do is help you determine what your

house is worth. They will use recent home sales in your area and comparable homes

to get an idea of what you might expect to receive when you put it on the market.

They will also help you avoid over-paying for a new property by letting you know

when it is time to negotiate. Also read https://www.pinnaclerealestatebuyers.com/


Once they have a clear picture of your goals and what you can afford, your real

estate agent will begin the search for homes that meet your criteria. They will have

access to countless listings on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and can save you

hours of searching on your own. They will also work with your schedule to set up

viewings and be available for any questions you might have.


As you view homes, your real estate agent will ask about your lifestyle to better

understand what kind of home would best suit you. They will ask how many

bedrooms you want, if you have children or pets, if you plan to garden, and more.

This will help them narrow down the list of properties to show you and prevent you

from being disappointed when you discover a property that doesn’t meet your



If you are selling your current home, a good real estate agent will help you stage it

to appeal to potential buyers and make the most of its features. They will

recommend professional photographers to capture your property’s beauty, and use

social media to promote your home. They can even help you negotiate the price of

your home with potential buyers by pointing out any flaws that might drive down the

offer or derail the deal entirely.


A good real estate agent will have a network of associates that they can rely on for

recommendations and services. This includes professionals who specialize in

mortgages, insurance, inspections, renovations, and even zoning issues. They will

also have contacts in the local community who can provide painters, plumbers,

electricians and landscapers to get the job done.