Digital Real Estate is the term that describes any online asset that holds value or

generates income. It could be as simple as a website or non-fungible token (NFT) or

as complicated as virtual world land or even a digital billboard.

In the past, when real estate investors wanted to make a profit they would buy and

sell physical property. But thanks to new proptech, savvy real estate professionals

are now investing in digital assets instead.

And the profits can be big. For example, in the virtual world of The Sandbox, a plot of

virtual land was recently sold for more than $450,000. And that’s just one example

of the lucrative opportunities in this emerging market.

Unlike traditional real estate, digital properties are more affordable and can be

purchased by anyone with an internet connection. And because of this, they are

becoming increasingly popular amongst investors. In fact, the global value of digital

real estate is expected to double by 2022. Also read

But there are some downsides to investing in digital real estate that should be taken

into consideration. For one, cybersecurity is a major concern. Hackers can attack

websites, ecommerce stores and even domain names. And because of rapid

technological change, digital assets can become obsolete very quickly.


Another issue is that the profitability of many digital properties depends on the

success and popularity of a particular product or service. So, if the company behind

the asset fails or goes out of business, it may be difficult to recoup the original


Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate some of these risks. For example

e, by

creating and publishing a blog, businesses can increase their visibility online and

gain a loyal readership that can support them as they grow. In addition, by selling

advertising space on their websites or on other digital assets, such as metaverse

land, businesses can generate recurring revenue.

As technology continues to evolve, the potential for new revenue streams will

increase. So, it’s important for real estate professionals to keep abreast of these

developments and consider how they can leverage them to improve their bottom



7 Ways to Profit from Digital Real Estate

While the benefits of digital real estate are clear, it’s also critical that investors

understand the risks associated with this emerging industry. As a result, it’s

important to work with a reputable and experienced advisor who can help them find

the right opportunities for their unique circumstances. This will ensure that they can

maximize the potential for growth and long-term success.